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Integrated Post-disaster Rehabilitation Support Project (IPRSP) for the Marginalized group in Ramechhap district

This three years project is financially supported by MCC-Nepal and implemented by Community Development Society, Ramechhap through coordination with Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal to support building disaster resilient communities by contributing to understanding of earthquake resilient buildings and improving sustainable livelihoods through strengthening capacities of communities and local institutions. The project plans to rehabilitate and increase the resilience of 6 Mahji communities in 3 earthquake-affected VDCs and 1 municipality in Ramechhap District. The rehabilitation project involves capacity building on earthquake-resilient shelter construction and support for livelihood strengthening.

Project Coverage: Khandadevi Rural munacipality (existing Pakarbas, Bhirpani and Rakathum VDCs) and Manthali Munacipality in Ramechhap District

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Vegetable production as the income generation in Seleghat
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